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About Us

EcoManager is a clean energy projects developer and transfer center.

We have been providing our clients with project development expertise, technical delivery capabilities, policy advice and capacity building since 2007.

Collaborating with our partners, we provide expertise on clean energy computing and innovative smart technologies. Create technology and scientific transfer, research and analysis, know-how, advice and expertise in RES and EE with an emphasis on SMEs, banks, stakeholders and vice versa.

Carried out and working on international projects funded by FP6, FP7, IEE, DFID, DEFRA - UK, FCO, etc.

Our team brings together some of the greatest professionals with decade of professional experience in clean energy and smart technologies, young enthusiastic people and creative finest talent. They come from different economy sectors and companies. We are proud to say our staff member have been involved in projects as “Synchronization of national energy policy and incentive mechanisms”, “Environmental and carbon life cycle assessment”, “Energy Efficiency in Buildings”, “Sustainable Energy Action Plans” and etc.

The services section at this website will provide you with information on the energy efficiency, low carbon energy and sustainable development expertise we offer.