energy efficiency in society is solution to community sustainable planning

Energy Efficiency in Society

To be energy independent and low carbon community is possible and should be the main target for each one community member.

To do that you need to create a community energy map.

Our team help and support your community (local authority) to shape the energy structure (on micro, local and national level) and to create your energy map following the key drivers:
  • energy production, demand and supply
  • energy market potential and market diffusion of different technologies and measures
  • main drivers, stakeholders and consumers
  • social and economy benefits, employees impacts
  • carbon assessment (carbon map)
  • monitoring plan

We can develop and provide you the specific gudeline, calculation models training and other tools to assist you on your energy efficiency mission.

The assessment is carried out to meet the SEAP, Covenant of mayor standard, IPCC, EMEP/EEA, international standard for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions - ISO 14064O, CTL113.

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