keep your knowledge alive and after the end of the activities

Knowledge Transfer

What don’t you know? Learn by doing is the best way to achieve and keep your knowledge.
We will be close to you during the whole process. You can use our support and advisory experience to keep your knowledge alive and after the end of the activities.

We direct trasfer our knowledge to you by training seminars, home study programs, corporate training programs, interactive online courses. Additionally, presentations, articles, lectures, CDs, videos and related to the relevant topic training materials may be downloaded from our website soon.

Our goal is to keep the knowledge alive and up to dated.

If you are students, lecturers, professionals, banks, brands who want to expand their skills and reach their own personal best potential in:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • M&V Approcaches & IPMVP Protocol
  • Sustainable Energy Action Plan
  • Renewable Energy Potential & Incentives Mechanism
  • Carbon Assessment and Offsetings
  • Energy Management
  • Green & Sustainable Building

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All delegates who attend our courses will receive a Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

Courses and training materials are providing in English, Russian and Bulgarian.