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Project Advisory

If you are looking for an third party to identify your future project, to monitor your new project or to assess the already completed one, Eco-Manager Project Advisory team will help you.

As a part of these services, Eco-Manager consultants provide training “by doing“ to ensure that the client requirements will be accurately and clearly stated during the current project and future ones.


Project proposal

There are great differences in application and award procedures among grant making organizations as FP6, FP7, IE, LEONARDO, Structural Funds Programs, Cross-border cooperation  and etc..

We undertake various crucial activities involved in the process of project development and offer project development services, professional project development services, business project development services, etc. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are well versed with the work involved and avoid using unfair practices during the planning or implementation of the task. Every step that is being planned or exercised is as per the standards and the requirements of our esteemed clients.

Our professionals carry out various tasks that are involved in actualizing project development for our esteemed clients. We focus on searching for various organizations and collaborate with them on behalf of our clients. The search keeps in view the short term and long term goals, their resources and other compatibility factors of our clients.

Project management

Our team will entirely support you in the project implementation process. We will help you in identifications and clarifications of the main issues and activities of the project that are critical and could be “corner-stone” during the project implementation.

We are ready to assist you and your project team in project coordination and management, time schedule monitoring, implementation of the proposed activities, preparation of the concomitant project documentation and contacts between project stakeholders.

Project monitoring and project evaluation

As independent third party, we undertake the project monitoring and evaluation services for entire project to see that it is perfectly executed and accomplished. Our experts ensure that project activities are strictly monitored and evaluated at every stage according to the project proposal and time schedule.

EcoManager team monitors the progress of the project according to the crucial parameters (budget, time schedule, targets, and results). We provide regular status reports (according to the project specification) ensure that the client is well informed about the project progress and further requirements if there is any.