renewables are essential contributors to sustainable energy and GHG mitigation

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Renewable Technologies (RET)

EcoManager provides an independent renewable energy consulting services in the area of feasibility study for implementation of investment project, identification of market potential and market penetration of renewable technologies, development of plans and strategy for encouraging utilization of RES. Market research and legislative analysis.
We offer to adapt any existing tools you use or to offer you a specific methodology, guideline and training course in assessment of renewable energy potential. The accuracy of our assessment approach is absolutely enough to take decision whether and what type or renewable resource to invest and when.
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  • Policy and strategy for RES utilization
  • Feasibility study for implementation of investment project
  • Assistance in tender documentation
  • Market evaluation and analysis report
  • Risk analysis
  • Workplace safety procedures
  • Research
  • Training
*focused on: Biomass, Hydro, Biogas, Geothermal, Wind, Solar (active, passive), PV.
Our believes are renewable energy technology is a part of an energy efficiency solution that makes sure you are using energy in a rational way.
We work in compliance with the  IPCC, EMEP/EEA, Directive 2009/28/ЕО, Renewable energy directive, CTL113, Cumulative Primary Energy Input-CEI.